24 January 2009

everything glimmered

outside, today. i am so thankful for weather like this,
which kindly causes me to forget for a short while that spring is still months away.
my sweet cousins came to play and it was the greatest fun:

i also wanted to tell you that i've recently joined felicia and other amazing photographers in the littlest heroes project. it's a non-profit organization, full of photographers wishing to gift families with forever-memories of their seriously ill child. if you know of someone who has (or you yourself have) a terminally ill child and would be interested in a session, please visit the website or email me: lesley[@]lesleykerrphotography[.]com. more soon!


01 January 2009

wonderful things

of 2008:

- stopped biting my nails (forever!)
- began the weekly photographic collaboration of my dreams
- discovered a hilltop (and visited it freely and with ambition)
- daytripped and roadtripped to my heart's content
- laughed and laughed!
- established such nice things with some really remarkable people
- was deeply moved (and stopped hesitating)
- wrote so many letters and developed friendships with my post-people
- wrote in sketchbooks instead of lined pages
- grew and learned and learned to trust and be content

oh, also...

i took the most beautiful daytrip with a dear friend a couple of days ago:

i hope you have the most wonderful year my friend!