26 November 2007

an introduction of sorts.

i haven't much experience writing blog posts.

i am confused about what you may expect.
thus, i'd advise you to expect very little and perhaps, on occasion, be pleasantly surprised when my heart lends bits of itself to the page.

do you feel better?
i watched slides on my wall tonight.
of the summer months.
of home, in most respects.
this is still new to me.

i'll be honest with you,
this photograph is five months in one minute:

i don't know if you've personally met mark story.
i did, once.
amongst other things, he told me to be more bold.
how simple of him.
i tried it, though.
and it changed a lot of things in me.
i don't know if you noticed, but i used to be very shy.

you may know that i have a small collection of works:

it certainly isn't much.