22 December 2008

in comparison

to the previous (and considerably bleak) post, the sun came out of hiding yesterday, and i saw golden light again!

i even photographed the most whimsical of music-making ladies:

(more on my flickr)

. . .

a few good things lately:

- foggy nights in the tree house with three undeniably good souls
- cupcakes
- those employed by the USPS
- utter joy!

. . .

i'll go to the bookstore now.


15 December 2008

oh, i've

just been frustrated, for a few days now!
but only because i haven't seen golden light in forever it seems.
and in its absence, cloudless grays and wind.
although, it's still beautiful in its own right.
i don't love winter (i think in fact i wrote about this last winter), however, this season of my life i've been most happy and content.

. . . . .

here's something from the other morning.
one of the dearest little girls i know:

and, something new:

i have added a gallery to my website entitled 'children & families'.
it was just time to show you all what i photograph most often!
so many sweet littles that i just adore.
you may know them, too.



06 December 2008

it just might

be time to say something small.

these may look boring and indifferent to what you've seen before:

however, i went to watch the ocean last week.
it was only for but a short time, though how i enjoyed it.

i painted a lot and made stop-motion films today whilst it was gray outside,
so maybe i'll show you them soon.


12 November 2008

it's just been

so so enormously busy around here lately! but, how thankful i am for that.

on monday it was my dear grandmother's 75th birthday.
her daughters (+ littles), daughters-in-law (+littles) and 3 best friends came over for a lovely brunch in the morning light.

you must know something about my grandmother.
she is peaceful and pleasant and elegant and all that is good in the world.
she loves deeply -- just, so deeply -- which i know is why my eyes well with tears every time she hugs me tight and kisses my cheek.
she is patient (enough to raise 9 children) and encouraging and remarkably beautiful and most of all understanding.

and when something tickles her inside, she laughs with everything she is and just can't hold back (which i absolutely must have inherited directly from her).

she is just precious to me and the fullest blessing i know:


p.s. more soon!

18 October 2008

this weekend,

it has just been remarkable!
so full of friendships and laughter and late-nights at wonderful places.
i am just overwhelmed and so delighted.

. . . . .

i want to show you a couple photographs of camilla.

she was so willing and kind enough today to dance in the wind and golden light,
while i stood with my camera,
making feeble attempts to capture the beauty and feeling:

(thank you, lovely girl)


p.s. thank you. for reading and looking and watching and sharing this all with me. also, thank you for your encouragement.

16 October 2008

today, in f1.8:

everything was just lovely today.
more soon.


15 October 2008


at the most breathgiving hour of the day,
in the most beautiful of places,
i photographed a lovely girl.

she is beginning her music career and i am so honored that she asked me to photograph a little -- to capture who she is.

i love when people ask this of me.

let me introduce you to sara:

( please enjoy more on my little flickr page )

i'm so busy.
i love being so busy.


p.s. do you like this font better?
i think it's more enjoyable to read.

05 October 2008

it's so nice

when people remember small things.
i find myself remembering small things that i'm too afraid to speak of or remind someone about.

i received a most touching letter the other day (from a gentleman i knew i montana but haven't spoken to in quite some time):

"how are you doing?
i was walking through the mall the other day and saw a mannequin that reminded me of you.
it was dressed just like you were the day we drove into idaho and ran into anne at that grove."

i have much to share with you tomorrow.


03 October 2008

october is

my favorite month.
and it seems to be making everyone around me either significantly happier or, sick with a cold.

october is atlanta celebrates photography month.
a 31-day tribute to my favorite art form.

it will be keeping me busy, gallery-hopping day in and day out.

( i caught only the tail-end of it last year, as i was just returning from montana )

my wonderful church has a gallery and this month's work is entitled "expressions", which showcases the art (in all kinds of forms) of the members and/or regular attenders.
i have a small series of diptychs hanging in a row.

this is just one:

the opening is this sunday evening and if you live in atlanta i would love if you would come and enjoy the evening with me a slew of remarkable people (dancers, musicians, film-makers, painters, etc, etc):

i'll share more soon.
thanks for all your encouragement, really.


30 September 2008

prior to this past weekend,

i had not photographed a wedding in quite a while it seems.
i flew two hours south of my home and had the most wonderful vacation.

having never met this couple before, it thrilled me to get to know them through my lens.

i certainly don't think this is unique to me -- every photographer must feel this at some point -- but it's as if i am instantly connected with someone once they have looked at me through that black box of mirrors and glass.
i was reminded to tell you this, whilst i stayed by the ocean.

i don't make a thousand analyzations about your soul once you've given me that "look" but i do feel as though i have the deepest and most likely potential to really, really know you. and more often than not, i feel as though i actually do know you
(for who you are that i can tell, strive to be and the lovely things i myself see about you).
it's strange and wonderful.
i am baring a part of my soul here, folks.

i don't like to post business-y things on here and i don't know why but i will this one time.

i am not on the wedding circuit (although i'd like to be, with zola of course), but i completely enjoyed capturing this.

these photographs are random moments throughout the day and i hope you like them:

i have never written so much on here.
hopefully it wasn't too long-winded.

and, more soon.


22 September 2008

it's wonderful

to photograph people i love and am related to.
it's just as wonderful that they let me shoot my camera at them.

my lovely cousin elizabeth is engaged to the greatest guy, josh.
i am honored to have been given the chance to document this season of their lives, for an hour.
we found the most beautiful golden light and i got to catch just a glimpse of how in love they are.

(thanks for a wonderful evening, you two. and congratulations, of course!)

the older sister of this girl also happens to be my most faithful blog reader.
chrissi understands what i am so very passionate about and has always encouraged me in the most precious ways.
her new house is *wonderful* and i'm so thrilled!

she and her little man let me photograph them yesterday afternoon:


14 September 2008


aforementioned musically inclined friend:

decided to drive to nashville on friday evening, and was kind enough to bring me along.
the 130+ miles from chattanooga to nashville is breath-giving at 7 pm.
the open spaces i saw just vaguely reminded me of a place i once lived.

we heard two gentlemen known as


play astoundingly beautiful (for lack of a better and more powerful word) sounds in a small restaurant. it was, calm and wonderful. and fulfilling:

i must go.
it has been just a wonderful past few days.


05 September 2008

a dear friend

of mine,
has been writing and recording music for the past little while now.
and it happens that he makes the kind that i love and will listen to all day and in all kinds of weather.
he is brilliant and wildly creative:

an empty room

. . . . .

i think i bought, yesterday, the last two packages of polaroid 600 film left in my whole city.
a few months ago i started finding a lot of good one-steps at thrift shops and bought them up as i have a habit of collecting things.
and i think they weren't lying when they said they were going to discontinue the film.
i am so sad!

. . . . .

it was around a year ago today that i was in butte, montana with two of the most remarkable people i know.
and the sun was hot while the air was cool and we found the greatest antique shop where i bought some small ink bottles.
and we found an abandoned building with black-birds spray-painted on the walls and we photographed each other freely and with ambition:

. . . . .

i haven't much else.
i've been photographing lovely people for my business.
which i won't show here.
as they are on my website instead.

i felt adventurous today and that's such a good thing.


16 August 2008

so many things

are changing around here, these days.
and i'm staying busy.

but here are people that let me photograph them, work un-related:

this is sujin. she is from seoul, korea and has decided that it would be nice to live with us for her sophomore year of high school.
she is sweet as can be and i am beyond thrilled
(but my only fear is that she'll learn english and return to korea with a southern twang, ack!):

and, you must now be well acquainted with my dearest friend:

(who has left me for a better city)

i will tell you more things, soon.


01 August 2008

for the past

few weeks, i have sat on my front porch in the early-morning hours.
just something about the fullness of outside, and a chorus of night-time bugs making certain i don't think too much in its stillness.

i have just been overwhelmed with blessings lately.
and people who are showing me things and helping me to learn in the most beautiful ways.

here are some fun things that i've done lately:

this gentleman lived next door to me for two months this summer.
i just, wish that you could know him.
not to mention that he got up at 7:30 so i could photograph him in the new morning light:

meredy, at the square (who is always beyond patient with me, even the thick heat):

holly is pleased to be photographed, often:

i had the most wonderful honor of photographing the hart family last week.
it's always such a treat to capture the moments of a fellow photographer.
i will be assisting katie at a wedding in september and i am *thrilled* to be working alongside of a such an illustrious artist!

this has turned very long.
i will write again soon.


19 June 2008

oh, i feel

as though there is so much to blog about!

i went to stay by the ocean with people for whom i love deeply and am related to:

the cute little sister of porch-painting boy slept over the other night.
she wouldn't let me document the creative process, so here is the masterful result:

i photographed this lovely friend,

and, this was the condition of my mailbox yesterday morning:

there is a gentleman who supplies me with (empty!) boxes so i can do this:

i have made all sorts of collections and series,
and, if you'd like one by some chance, please email me your address...
i have made so many and can't find people to enjoy them.

perhaps something else is that my website became alive:


i am really very thrilled.


p.s i am part of a weekly artistic collaboration with a really lovely soul:

{ coastal heartbeats }

08 May 2008

a lot

of things changed today.
and i think this is going to be really good.

later, a little boy who is related to me came over, and made beautiful art on my front porch:

i think i'll start making lamps now and doing everything i've always wanted to do.
and probably photograph high school seniors and maybe ever senior citizens too.
thanks for your encouragement.


p.s. i have to tell you that i trust a faithful God and i want to encourage you to not deny or disregard the ways He may nudge your heart.

05 May 2008

i haven't really

been photographing my world in digital form, lately.
i want you to know that i made a meal out of watermelon earlier and everywhere i go, the outside smells of honeysuckle.
yesterday was freedom park in thick heat, laughter, mediterranean and:

(a long-haired, sidewalk-writing boy)


19 April 2008

be assured

that i still make small living rooms wherever i go:

i guess things haven't changed that much.

everything feels adventurous again.
cold weather might be gone for a while now.
i won't lie -- winter doesn't make me happy at all.
mostly i get depressed and forget to write and forget to enjoy things.
i admire those who embrace it and have a good attitude because i certainly do not.
i like things to be warm and i like to go outside at night barefoot and wearing just a dress.

what have you been working on lately?


p.s. i want you to know that i don't take your encouragement for granted. i am deeply blessed by every kind word you've spoken.

08 April 2008

new things:

i'd like to introduce you to some things in this:

- a darling girl, who has always been an encouragement to me (and willingly let me photograph her lovely face).
- an armchair, which was purchased last saturday for $23 at the thrift store.
- a yard, which belongs to two remarkable people who said i can come whenever i please.

good things today:

- sunshine exactly when i needed it,
- time spent (with lovely souls and away from a camera),
- neighborly littles, covering the cul-de-sac like
small bugs with their bright toys and contagious laughter,
- the fulfillment of seeing someone attain joy from doing what they were meant to do.


13 March 2008

i just felt

really thrilled today.
and encouraged.
and mostly honored that i'm even allowed to shoot my camera at people.
endless amounts of processing seem to keep multiplying...
but here is a present to me, from the children next door,
who bless me endlessly:


10 March 2008

good things lately:

throwing forget-me-not seeds on the hilltop
creating tangible things and giving them away


being productive and having something to show for it

dinner on the porch
sunlight until nearly 8 pm

hot mint tea and knitting

knowing how someone is doing after a long time of not knowing
I Corinthians
artistic collaborations


here's a photograph of my kid-sister:

sorry to be so short, but i hope to see you soon.


24 February 2008

prior to today,

and for the past week,
i had been:
knitting 6/24
painting on large surfaces
learning hearts and meeting new ones
working (in the studio. at the computer. for days.)

and today i picked up the camera again.

and, it was nice.
nancy is the perfect model because she'll do anything i ask (even in a short dress) and she's wildly beautiful.
(thanks, <3)
it was warm today.
as it is every other day.
you can almost count on this.
i think i like it, maybe, but i enjoy consistency as much as you do.

the buckhead library show ends this friday.
i only have two pieces, small and nothing much, hanging above the children's books.
but i'd really like to see your work someday.
that would be lovely.


14 February 2008

just an early

happy birthday, to the queen of my heart.
my little M, you never cease to amaze me.
i adore you so completely and am so thankful for your presence in my life.
i love you beyond so many words.
you are so precious to my heart.

your L

12 February 2008

12 february 2008

today over-filled my heart with small blessings:

- oswald was relevant, again, this morning
- and then again on evan's bulletin
- took an early walk with mama
- had wonderful conversation with ebs on her couch while the littles were asleep upstairs
- enjoyed the outside for a while

two of the small neighbor children who always have me in stitches:

and another sweet little, who happens to be related to me:

that's all for today.


09 February 2008


i just had the most wonderful day.

- more pushpins
- abundant laughter
- a picnic on the rocks in the wind
- fulfilling joy

(hey, thanks)


07 February 2008


dear brian (and or anyone else),

i'll go ahead and tell you that i'll be push-pinning
four 5x5s to a white wall tomorrow
evening in a small gallery.
here is one of the photographs:

maybe you are getting tired of seeing montana in my photographs. i haven't really been photographing what i want to be.
i am in such a rut.
i've been off of work for a week but i've mostly been making things:

- plants in the pages of thick, old books
- writing letters
- with vellum and photographs and thread
- a lot of things with thread

matthew's birthday is on sunday and hopefully we'll go to our hilltop.
he's always been an encouragement to me,
listening well and being patient, and i'm so thankful for this friendship:

i think i'm not very good at blogs but i hope this was informative.