30 September 2008

prior to this past weekend,

i had not photographed a wedding in quite a while it seems.
i flew two hours south of my home and had the most wonderful vacation.

having never met this couple before, it thrilled me to get to know them through my lens.

i certainly don't think this is unique to me -- every photographer must feel this at some point -- but it's as if i am instantly connected with someone once they have looked at me through that black box of mirrors and glass.
i was reminded to tell you this, whilst i stayed by the ocean.

i don't make a thousand analyzations about your soul once you've given me that "look" but i do feel as though i have the deepest and most likely potential to really, really know you. and more often than not, i feel as though i actually do know you
(for who you are that i can tell, strive to be and the lovely things i myself see about you).
it's strange and wonderful.
i am baring a part of my soul here, folks.

i don't like to post business-y things on here and i don't know why but i will this one time.

i am not on the wedding circuit (although i'd like to be, with zola of course), but i completely enjoyed capturing this.

these photographs are random moments throughout the day and i hope you like them:

i have never written so much on here.
hopefully it wasn't too long-winded.

and, more soon.


22 September 2008

it's wonderful

to photograph people i love and am related to.
it's just as wonderful that they let me shoot my camera at them.

my lovely cousin elizabeth is engaged to the greatest guy, josh.
i am honored to have been given the chance to document this season of their lives, for an hour.
we found the most beautiful golden light and i got to catch just a glimpse of how in love they are.

(thanks for a wonderful evening, you two. and congratulations, of course!)

the older sister of this girl also happens to be my most faithful blog reader.
chrissi understands what i am so very passionate about and has always encouraged me in the most precious ways.
her new house is *wonderful* and i'm so thrilled!

she and her little man let me photograph them yesterday afternoon:


14 September 2008


aforementioned musically inclined friend:

decided to drive to nashville on friday evening, and was kind enough to bring me along.
the 130+ miles from chattanooga to nashville is breath-giving at 7 pm.
the open spaces i saw just vaguely reminded me of a place i once lived.

we heard two gentlemen known as


play astoundingly beautiful (for lack of a better and more powerful word) sounds in a small restaurant. it was, calm and wonderful. and fulfilling:

i must go.
it has been just a wonderful past few days.


05 September 2008

a dear friend

of mine,
has been writing and recording music for the past little while now.
and it happens that he makes the kind that i love and will listen to all day and in all kinds of weather.
he is brilliant and wildly creative:

an empty room

. . . . .

i think i bought, yesterday, the last two packages of polaroid 600 film left in my whole city.
a few months ago i started finding a lot of good one-steps at thrift shops and bought them up as i have a habit of collecting things.
and i think they weren't lying when they said they were going to discontinue the film.
i am so sad!

. . . . .

it was around a year ago today that i was in butte, montana with two of the most remarkable people i know.
and the sun was hot while the air was cool and we found the greatest antique shop where i bought some small ink bottles.
and we found an abandoned building with black-birds spray-painted on the walls and we photographed each other freely and with ambition:

. . . . .

i haven't much else.
i've been photographing lovely people for my business.
which i won't show here.
as they are on my website instead.

i felt adventurous today and that's such a good thing.