16 August 2008

so many things

are changing around here, these days.
and i'm staying busy.

but here are people that let me photograph them, work un-related:

this is sujin. she is from seoul, korea and has decided that it would be nice to live with us for her sophomore year of high school.
she is sweet as can be and i am beyond thrilled
(but my only fear is that she'll learn english and return to korea with a southern twang, ack!):

and, you must now be well acquainted with my dearest friend:

(who has left me for a better city)

i will tell you more things, soon.


01 August 2008

for the past

few weeks, i have sat on my front porch in the early-morning hours.
just something about the fullness of outside, and a chorus of night-time bugs making certain i don't think too much in its stillness.

i have just been overwhelmed with blessings lately.
and people who are showing me things and helping me to learn in the most beautiful ways.

here are some fun things that i've done lately:

this gentleman lived next door to me for two months this summer.
i just, wish that you could know him.
not to mention that he got up at 7:30 so i could photograph him in the new morning light:

meredy, at the square (who is always beyond patient with me, even the thick heat):

holly is pleased to be photographed, often:

i had the most wonderful honor of photographing the hart family last week.
it's always such a treat to capture the moments of a fellow photographer.
i will be assisting katie at a wedding in september and i am *thrilled* to be working alongside of a such an illustrious artist!

this has turned very long.
i will write again soon.