24 February 2008

prior to today,

and for the past week,
i had been:
knitting 6/24
painting on large surfaces
learning hearts and meeting new ones
working (in the studio. at the computer. for days.)

and today i picked up the camera again.

and, it was nice.
nancy is the perfect model because she'll do anything i ask (even in a short dress) and she's wildly beautiful.
(thanks, <3)
it was warm today.
as it is every other day.
you can almost count on this.
i think i like it, maybe, but i enjoy consistency as much as you do.

the buckhead library show ends this friday.
i only have two pieces, small and nothing much, hanging above the children's books.
but i'd really like to see your work someday.
that would be lovely.


14 February 2008

just an early

happy birthday, to the queen of my heart.
my little M, you never cease to amaze me.
i adore you so completely and am so thankful for your presence in my life.
i love you beyond so many words.
you are so precious to my heart.

your L

12 February 2008

12 february 2008

today over-filled my heart with small blessings:

- oswald was relevant, again, this morning
- and then again on evan's bulletin
- took an early walk with mama
- had wonderful conversation with ebs on her couch while the littles were asleep upstairs
- enjoyed the outside for a while

two of the small neighbor children who always have me in stitches:

and another sweet little, who happens to be related to me:

that's all for today.


09 February 2008


i just had the most wonderful day.

- more pushpins
- abundant laughter
- a picnic on the rocks in the wind
- fulfilling joy

(hey, thanks)


07 February 2008


dear brian (and or anyone else),

i'll go ahead and tell you that i'll be push-pinning
four 5x5s to a white wall tomorrow
evening in a small gallery.
here is one of the photographs:

maybe you are getting tired of seeing montana in my photographs. i haven't really been photographing what i want to be.
i am in such a rut.
i've been off of work for a week but i've mostly been making things:

- plants in the pages of thick, old books
- writing letters
- with vellum and photographs and thread
- a lot of things with thread

matthew's birthday is on sunday and hopefully we'll go to our hilltop.
he's always been an encouragement to me,
listening well and being patient, and i'm so thankful for this friendship:

i think i'm not very good at blogs but i hope this was informative.