22 December 2008

in comparison

to the previous (and considerably bleak) post, the sun came out of hiding yesterday, and i saw golden light again!

i even photographed the most whimsical of music-making ladies:

(more on my flickr)

. . .

a few good things lately:

- foggy nights in the tree house with three undeniably good souls
- cupcakes
- those employed by the USPS
- utter joy!

. . .

i'll go to the bookstore now.


15 December 2008

oh, i've

just been frustrated, for a few days now!
but only because i haven't seen golden light in forever it seems.
and in its absence, cloudless grays and wind.
although, it's still beautiful in its own right.
i don't love winter (i think in fact i wrote about this last winter), however, this season of my life i've been most happy and content.

. . . . .

here's something from the other morning.
one of the dearest little girls i know:

and, something new:

i have added a gallery to my website entitled 'children & families'.
it was just time to show you all what i photograph most often!
so many sweet littles that i just adore.
you may know them, too.



06 December 2008

it just might

be time to say something small.

these may look boring and indifferent to what you've seen before:

however, i went to watch the ocean last week.
it was only for but a short time, though how i enjoyed it.

i painted a lot and made stop-motion films today whilst it was gray outside,
so maybe i'll show you them soon.