30 June 2009

just so much

has happened these past two months that i've been terribly absent from this little page.
i ventured to lakes and oceans and happened upon wonderful places with the dearest folks.

there are also new things:

a) having completed a year of wednesdays here (and enjoying every day of it), she & i began this.

b) i am putting the finishing touches on my little etsy shop (full of photographs and other curiosities)

c) my ink + watercolor journal (on the pages of an old book that i actually have begun to enjoy, apart from it's perfect texture to paint on), that i think i'll show you bits and pieces from here and there, starting tomorrow, and maybe every day but i make no promises.

i hope you all are well.
thank you for reading and (with any luck) not forgetting about me.
life is wondrous and my heart is at peace and i think there is something to be said for that.
my Father is so faithful.

most sincerely,