19 June 2008

oh, i feel

as though there is so much to blog about!

i went to stay by the ocean with people for whom i love deeply and am related to:

the cute little sister of porch-painting boy slept over the other night.
she wouldn't let me document the creative process, so here is the masterful result:

i photographed this lovely friend,

and, this was the condition of my mailbox yesterday morning:

there is a gentleman who supplies me with (empty!) boxes so i can do this:

i have made all sorts of collections and series,
and, if you'd like one by some chance, please email me your address...
i have made so many and can't find people to enjoy them.

perhaps something else is that my website became alive:


i am really very thrilled.


p.s i am part of a weekly artistic collaboration with a really lovely soul:

{ coastal heartbeats }