21 July 2011

from now on,

all future posting will take place on this little page:

you all are wonderful people.


31 July 2009

oh, july!

it was filled with wondrous things, entirely.

the dearest girl came and stayed for twelve days.
making beautiful art of my city and teaching me so much.

just some old pages:

30 June 2009

just so much

has happened these past two months that i've been terribly absent from this little page.
i ventured to lakes and oceans and happened upon wonderful places with the dearest folks.

there are also new things:

a) having completed a year of wednesdays here (and enjoying every day of it), she & i began this.

b) i am putting the finishing touches on my little etsy shop (full of photographs and other curiosities)

c) my ink + watercolor journal (on the pages of an old book that i actually have begun to enjoy, apart from it's perfect texture to paint on), that i think i'll show you bits and pieces from here and there, starting tomorrow, and maybe every day but i make no promises.

i hope you all are well.
thank you for reading and (with any luck) not forgetting about me.
life is wondrous and my heart is at peace and i think there is something to be said for that.
my Father is so faithful.

most sincerely,

05 May 2009

little girl,

with eyes so bright.

reminded me today that our childhood was backyard wild strawberries (covered in sugar).

04 May 2009

i think they

love in melodies and rhythm.

(she sings and he conducts,

and their togetherness flows and resonates easily,

and willingly.)

p.s. more here.

30 April 2009


(stuck behind the most delightful van, and found this wonderful gentleman enjoying the outside in the evening hours)

today: morning weather reminded me of the ocean, the best morning walk, gardening and garment altering, a delightful little and the playground in bright sun, discoveries, and the most wonderful evening conversation with my dearest girl.

p.s. thank you for looking at these. they were hills and valleys. and for your lovely words that always mean so much.