18 October 2008

this weekend,

it has just been remarkable!
so full of friendships and laughter and late-nights at wonderful places.
i am just overwhelmed and so delighted.

. . . . .

i want to show you a couple photographs of camilla.

she was so willing and kind enough today to dance in the wind and golden light,
while i stood with my camera,
making feeble attempts to capture the beauty and feeling:

(thank you, lovely girl)


p.s. thank you. for reading and looking and watching and sharing this all with me. also, thank you for your encouragement.

16 October 2008

today, in f1.8:

everything was just lovely today.
more soon.


15 October 2008


at the most breathgiving hour of the day,
in the most beautiful of places,
i photographed a lovely girl.

she is beginning her music career and i am so honored that she asked me to photograph a little -- to capture who she is.

i love when people ask this of me.

let me introduce you to sara:

( please enjoy more on my little flickr page )

i'm so busy.
i love being so busy.


p.s. do you like this font better?
i think it's more enjoyable to read.

05 October 2008

it's so nice

when people remember small things.
i find myself remembering small things that i'm too afraid to speak of or remind someone about.

i received a most touching letter the other day (from a gentleman i knew i montana but haven't spoken to in quite some time):

"how are you doing?
i was walking through the mall the other day and saw a mannequin that reminded me of you.
it was dressed just like you were the day we drove into idaho and ran into anne at that grove."

i have much to share with you tomorrow.


03 October 2008

october is

my favorite month.
and it seems to be making everyone around me either significantly happier or, sick with a cold.

october is atlanta celebrates photography month.
a 31-day tribute to my favorite art form.

it will be keeping me busy, gallery-hopping day in and day out.

( i caught only the tail-end of it last year, as i was just returning from montana )

my wonderful church has a gallery and this month's work is entitled "expressions", which showcases the art (in all kinds of forms) of the members and/or regular attenders.
i have a small series of diptychs hanging in a row.

this is just one:

the opening is this sunday evening and if you live in atlanta i would love if you would come and enjoy the evening with me a slew of remarkable people (dancers, musicians, film-makers, painters, etc, etc):

i'll share more soon.
thanks for all your encouragement, really.