08 May 2008

a lot

of things changed today.
and i think this is going to be really good.

later, a little boy who is related to me came over, and made beautiful art on my front porch:

i think i'll start making lamps now and doing everything i've always wanted to do.
and probably photograph high school seniors and maybe ever senior citizens too.
thanks for your encouragement.


p.s. i have to tell you that i trust a faithful God and i want to encourage you to not deny or disregard the ways He may nudge your heart.

05 May 2008

i haven't really

been photographing my world in digital form, lately.
i want you to know that i made a meal out of watermelon earlier and everywhere i go, the outside smells of honeysuckle.
yesterday was freedom park in thick heat, laughter, mediterranean and:

(a long-haired, sidewalk-writing boy)