19 April 2008

be assured

that i still make small living rooms wherever i go:

i guess things haven't changed that much.

everything feels adventurous again.
cold weather might be gone for a while now.
i won't lie -- winter doesn't make me happy at all.
mostly i get depressed and forget to write and forget to enjoy things.
i admire those who embrace it and have a good attitude because i certainly do not.
i like things to be warm and i like to go outside at night barefoot and wearing just a dress.

what have you been working on lately?


p.s. i want you to know that i don't take your encouragement for granted. i am deeply blessed by every kind word you've spoken.

08 April 2008

new things:

i'd like to introduce you to some things in this:

- a darling girl, who has always been an encouragement to me (and willingly let me photograph her lovely face).
- an armchair, which was purchased last saturday for $23 at the thrift store.
- a yard, which belongs to two remarkable people who said i can come whenever i please.

good things today:

- sunshine exactly when i needed it,
- time spent (with lovely souls and away from a camera),
- neighborly littles, covering the cul-de-sac like
small bugs with their bright toys and contagious laughter,
- the fulfillment of seeing someone attain joy from doing what they were meant to do.