12 November 2008

it's just been

so so enormously busy around here lately! but, how thankful i am for that.

on monday it was my dear grandmother's 75th birthday.
her daughters (+ littles), daughters-in-law (+littles) and 3 best friends came over for a lovely brunch in the morning light.

you must know something about my grandmother.
she is peaceful and pleasant and elegant and all that is good in the world.
she loves deeply -- just, so deeply -- which i know is why my eyes well with tears every time she hugs me tight and kisses my cheek.
she is patient (enough to raise 9 children) and encouraging and remarkably beautiful and most of all understanding.

and when something tickles her inside, she laughs with everything she is and just can't hold back (which i absolutely must have inherited directly from her).

she is just precious to me and the fullest blessing i know:


p.s. more soon!