30 April 2009


(stuck behind the most delightful van, and found this wonderful gentleman enjoying the outside in the evening hours)

today: morning weather reminded me of the ocean, the best morning walk, gardening and garment altering, a delightful little and the playground in bright sun, discoveries, and the most wonderful evening conversation with my dearest girl.

p.s. thank you for looking at these. they were hills and valleys. and for your lovely words that always mean so much.


Mattalicious said...

You know what I see on the back of that van?


Zola Kell said...

we don't have sock vans here on my little island! see, it will be marvelous and magical when i come to visit. (i'm figuring it out.)

thank you thank you thank you. talking with you was a balm on my heart, and i know we will talk so much more in the weeks to come. you are a gift, i tell you.

also, i love these two together. they feel so clean and airy.

(i want to see more of these altered garments! we need to start e-mailing each other snapshots i think!)

talk to you again soon.