04 May 2009

i think they

love in melodies and rhythm.

(she sings and he conducts,

and their togetherness flows and resonates easily,

and willingly.)

p.s. more here.


kim a said...

i love all these pictures so much!

Anonymous said...

i wish i was able to make my photographs have that remarkable, precious quality about them that yours have.

i have an holga camera, and it appears as though most of your photographs are from a lomographic camera (i know many photographs are finiky about certain models and processes-and i know generally the holga is not taken seriously. so if you do not use a camera of that type, i hope i have not offended you in some way. i simply am not very knowledgeable about processes and types and such things so do not take my comment seriously....) but mine never, ever have turned out to be anything but dull grey blurry photographs.

i would be interested to hear what you shoot with and how you get your stunning photographs to turn out.


pixy said...

wow amazing work i love these rounded border work!

Relyn said...

They love in melodies and rhythms. I am sighing. Slightly jealous, too, if I admit it. You make me long for someone to say something so lovely about my love and I.